I have this philosophy about clothing, developed from decades of making my own clothes and watching the fashion cycles. and it’s pretty opinionated.  hehe.


1.  I don’t try on clothes.  When I buy clothes, I buy them a couple sizes too large, and I buy primarily over the internet. Obviously, this doesn’t work for everyone because the only clothes I buy are socks, raincoats, jeans, and cashmere sweaters.  Part of the reason I started making clothing was so I wouldn’t have to try on clothing…. (trying on clothing is depressing to me…so are department stores…)

idea # 1–  clothing should be sold with detailed sizing descriptions.  I don’t care if you call it a small or a size 2 or a BB4 –  i want to know the body measurements it correlates to.  and how tall the model is. etc.


2.  I only wear comfortable, versatile clothes.  This means-  I almost never wear wovens.  I have two pairs of jeans I wear-  both are definitely loose, ‘boyfriend’ cuts.  Otherwise, my wardrobe is just as functional in a yoga class as a board room.  (sometimes I add a longer skirt under the mini skirt for the board room, but that’s only a modesty measure.)  I never wear underwire bras or underwear styles that are uncomfortable in general… the daily clothing choices of the majority of women feel like wearing a corset to me.

idea #2 – clothing should be more comfortable than nudity (ok, I live in the north, and it is really never warm enough here to be comfortable naked.)  If you live down south…clothing should be as comfortable as nudity.


3. I only wear clothing made from at least 90% natural fibers.  cotton (organic), bamboo rayon, wool (organic), cashmere (I’m addicted), and silk. If there is 10% spandex or less woven in, that’s cool with me.  Stretch and bounceback are important too.  When do I wear synthetics?  Outerwear.

idea #3 –Clothing that touches the skin should be mostly natural fibers. Synthetics are only great as a primary fiber for keeping rain out.  synthetics do a good job providing ultra lightweight waterproofing and windstopping.  but in socks, underwear, tshirts, athletic wear and more-  they smell faster, can lead to irritation, and wear out in a really unattractive way.

What I actually wear changes season to season, but acts like a uniform.  right now, and for the past six months it has been:

bras and panties from my collection (of course)

extra long organic cotton tank dresses

arm warmers

mini skirts



socks-  my current favorites are cashmerino from Goodhew.  I totally want to get into the sock manufacturing business.

If I wear tights, I wear Maggie’s Organics in black or grey…

cashmere sweaters. (there’s an almost embarrassing assortment, but I’m still sure I spend a tiny amount on clothing per year compared to the average consumer.  they are mostly from jcrew, and they mostly wear out within a year.  daniel insisted I stop sleeping in them as it makes them pilly, and I think I’ve got to find someplace to buy cashmere fabric so I can make my own….)

outerwear from NAU.  (I love nau so much)


This wardrobe packs well, mixes and matches, never wrinkles, and is exactly the right mix of fitted and covered up for my taste.






Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “the perfect wardrobe.

  1. I love your clothing philosophy. I thought I was the only person who bought clothing two sizes too big. I don’t get it altered either. I’m always bemused by women who try to squeeze into smaller sizes. When I try on clothes, I’ll always buy the biggest size that doesn’t look too big. No vanity when it comes to sizes, I guess. I do have suits, I need them for work, but I’ll almost always wear them with knit tops, very rare for me to wear a blouse. Do you know the company Hansel from Basel? I think they’re the best tights ever. Though I’m recently smitten with Tsumori Chisato. I don’t think you will like them as they’re polyester but I guess I don’t mind nylon leggings once in a while. Maybe because they’re part of the “uniform” I’ve been wearing so long I’m used to them. But I’m otherwise with you on natural fibers.

  2. hey Elizabeth! Hansel from Basel looks so cool, I’ve heard of them but never bought before. and so funny to hear you also buy things too big :) ….

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