I never really thought about how making a line of organic cotton bras and panties related to power- and to women’s sexuality.

two things happened the other day. The first: I’ve been testing facebook ads. These are little ads with images. The images are exactly the same as the ones in my shop. The text reads something along the lines of “organic intimates from Maine. Organic bras, panties, & loungewear.” The first couple ads I made were running, and getting clicks, so I set up a couple more using similar text and the same images.

and they were disapproved. For image content that violates facebook’s advertising policies. I, of course, went and read the advertising policy. These images don’t violate the policy, unless we start classifying full-coverage women’s underwear as “adult products”….um, in a sense it is, but we all know that “adult products” is a euphemism for sex toys. Which these bras and panties are not. Moreover, the ads I was running were ONLY showing to women between the ages of 28 and 38 or so.

I started imagining the conservative man (or woman) acting as the approver for fb ads. They might be working in India or other parts of Asia. They might have very different ideas about what and how women’s bodies should be portrayed in the public.

The second thing that happened: Daniel and I asked a friend, a smart woman, for some general friendly feedback on the site design. She suggested that we add some contextualizing quotes from literature, about women and bodies and sensuality in general- in order to ground the images. Particularly the image that is on the front page right now. She identified it as a woman in an almost aggressive stance- and that this bothers people. and she is right- I’ve been feeling that same sort of shock/ apprehension from others as I show them the site. Of course, we live in conservative yankee new england.

I’m not exactly frustrated, but I am sort of surprised. Because, when it comes down to it, I’m making organic, everyday women’s underwear. The model, Kaleigh, is in her mid-twenties- i.e. unarguably an adult. My target market is smart, conscientious, thinking, pragmatic women. The stance of the line is something along the lines of my own personal philosophy of clothing- why would you wear something uncomfortable? Why would you girdle/ corset/ wire yourself into your underwear?

and, I suppose, that is a little bit of a powerful stance to take. I’m determined to be comfortable in my clothing – (read, in my body), to the point that I never think about it, readjust it, or otherwise during the course of the day- because it fits and breathes and moves and doesn’t pinch.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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