when I was designing this collection I kept thinking of this thing one of my dear friends had said-  “when I wear your underwear sets I feel like a superhero!”  You know, I’m not totally sure what she meant, but that was somewhere in my consciousness when developing these new styles.  They are bright, they are high contrast, they are super comfortable, and they fit smoothly.

For the base fabrics, as always, I used either an organic cotton jersey, or a bamboo/organic cotton jersey blend.  Jersey knit fabrics have the best stretch/ recovery of the knit styles I’ve tried, and these have a small bit of spandex woven in.

The primary trim is a stretch silk satin-  92% silk, 8% spandex.  It’s a very high quality silk, with a beautiful shine.  It takes dye very well, resulting in brilliant colors.  I use low-impact fiber reactive dyes for many shades-  these are permanent, but non-toxic.

The bras are a slip on style with elastic in the back.  The wide silk band around the bottom fits smoothly around the ribcage, provides a little extra structure and support, and is as soft as can be.

the garter style is my favorite-  it slips on, meaning that there are no clasps for a sleek silhouette.

and the eye masks are the best!  excellent silk, matching colors, and wide straps.  I need eye masks whenever I travel, and was tired of the airline variety.


check out the whole collection online.  enjoy.




Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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