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yeah, I just switched web hosting from yahoo over to webfaction.com .  Yahoo, where I’ve had my mail for years, has been functioning more and more poorly of late.  The mail has one of the most annoying bugs I’ve ever seen- (“temporary error 0”) that goes like this:

write an email.  several paragraphs of an email.  press send.  it attempts to send for several minutes, clearly not going to recover, and does NOT save a draft, meaning that those paragraphs have to be rewritten.

a second, frequent bug is the inability to save a draft, and the inability to send emails altogether.

since switching email is a headache I don’t want to even attempt to consider, this isn’t the point.  I have used yahoo as a backup hosting solution for a while now-  since paying for business mail (the @brookthere.com address) includes webhosting, whenever I have a crisis at another host, I transfer things back to yahoo.  BUT THEIR hosting is god-awful.  Slowest host I’ve ever seen.  Frequent inability to load page elements.

that’s today’s rant.  done.



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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