That’s the in-process view.

I found out exactly a month ago that we had been gifted a booth at D&A-  a  big deal for our little company, and a big step towards doing more wholesale.  It also meant that for the last month my workload has basically tripled, which has been mostly very exciting.

Some of the surprising and tedious side effects are the amount of time spent erasing the edges of the floor around images of clothing.

step one, of course, is to sew the sample.

Then, photograph it flat on the floor, sometimes stuffing portions of it to curve in attractive ways.

next, upload the photos and process them by erasing everything in the image but the clothing.  This is a surprisingly time -consuming task that both Daniel and I spend inordinate amounts of time doing because it’s always last minute and we haven’t yet found someone else to take on the job at the last minute!

For instance, I spent most of last weekend erasing the white paper around bras and panties.  (no, magic wand doesn’t do a good job, especially if the clothing is light-colored.)

So, if you are comfortable with photoshop and looking for digital work, there will be some here in the future!  email me :)


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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