About six months ago, I posted this chart of our new cooking strategy:

This has actually been the most useful home-tool we ever created.  Yes, Daniel was going to improve the color-coding and general graphic design, and I’ve considered “perhaps I should make this a hyperlinked document?”-  but the reality is that it works as is.  It actually works better as it is, which is a b&w printout stuck on our refrigerator, because the last thing I want to do when hungry and tired is use the internet to figure out what we should eat.

The best thing about this chart is simply that it’s a pre-developed list of things we like to eat, and as long as one has a stocked “cupboards” section and buys vegetable assortments once a week, there’s always something that sounds good.

Oddly, once I’ve actually figured out what we want to cook, then I do look up a recipe, but knowing what I’m looking for makes that whole process easier.

I’ve passed out many of these chart copies to friends now, so it made sense to repost it here with an update.  It’s a strategy, make your own chart too!

Here’s some of the winners of the past several months:

Tagine, Naan + Lentils, Italian veggie-rich tomato sauces (with olives!), Saffron Rice….






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