I desperately want to find like-minded people. Thus, I’m launching a new blog series.   The new series covers seven categories:

1. Reading
I read books and need a place to write about the concepts in an applied way.  I mostly read about economics, the Middle East, writing, belief systems, and thought systems/ propaganda. 

2. Language
Many of the experiences I’ve had while studying languages are curious, amusing, or strange.  Consider this a curio cabinet of my obsession. I’m currently studying Arabic.

3. Materialism
My own developing  language of appreciation for the material world and the objects we create.  This section reads like a “things I’m loving now” series.   

4. Systems
Economic systems.  Government systems.  Thought systems.  Social systems. Cultural systems.  You get the picture. This is my analysis and synthesis section. 

5. Flow
Also known as abundance.  Flow is elusive to me in some parts of life, ever-present in others.  I’m working on it. 

6. Freedom
“freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”  and other, less morbid ways of looking at it. 

7. Playfulness
These are, surprising or not, the hardest posts for me to write and come up with.  You judge how playful they actually are. 

Posts will happen two or three times per week, and rotate through the categories.  (I’ve pre-written several dozen posts, so you can be assured that the first few months will be on time :) You can subscribe to the automatic email thingy on the sidebar (click to the main page), or follow me on twitter, or friend me on facebook.

I’ve had this blog for 7 years now.  Before that I had another that I destroyed.  So, I’ve been writing on the internet for practically my entire adult life.  Since 2004 I believe. For the past six months I’ve been stalling on writing.  I have thoughts, of course, and lots of things I want to say, but everything sounds critical and negative.

How could that be?  I’m happier than ever.  Daniel and I just got married.  Life and Love are beautiful.

The primary thing that prompts me to write is a need to analyze.  Typically, I’m inspired to analyze things that I don’t like.  So, with this new series, I’m focusing on analyzing in a positive way, and identifying the merits.  I’ve found, as an adult, that deep learning about a subject I dislike provides a platform for understanding and compassion.  It sounds a little cheesy, but it’s a really relevant tool that I don’t see people using very often.

I’m releasing this blog from the need to focus on small-business and fashion.  My original intention was to make this a focused artisanal-work blog, but I’m not really inspired to write about business or fashion.  (Ironic, huh?  I like both things, but I don’t think there’s terribly much I want to say about them.  And, as I’ll discuss a little in the future, fashion is just my hands-on way of being an artist.)

Back in seventh grade, when public schools were just getting into the testing and compartmentalizing of kids*,  a teacher presented my class with a few different tests on thinking profiles.  I scored very high in the “judging” category.  The others, in ascending order, were knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and judging. The teacher congratulated me.

As an adult, this personal trait drives me nuts.  So, consider this series a self-improvement course towards better thinking patterns, and hopefully, like-minded people.

* (no citation, is that even true? It was around 1993.)

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “The Setup

  1. Hi Brook. Very interesting approach here. I would love to contribute to the systems section. My passion in college was the philosophy of science. Essentially, I have come to rscognize many logical phallacies among all people including scientists and I am fascinated with ways in which people contradict themselves and their own sense of reality in order to fulfill emotional needs. This behavior can be recognized in everyone, including myself, but discussing these contradictions seems to be utterly taboo. Anyway…

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