For many years, I thought about, and experimented with minimalism.  This is counter-intuitive for a person whose creative practice requires making things with her hands.  I’ve settled, I think, on appreciating the material world and the good things in it, and this part of the blog series is on wonderful material objects.


I love this company.  I bought my first batch of hand-balm ingredients from them a couple months ago and I’m planning my next purchase.  The moisturizer that works best for my skin is a solid balm of oil and beeswax, scented with essential oils.  A few years ago, my mom made a batch where the olive oil was infused by fresh herbs, then strained before combining with beeswax.  I’m going to work on that one next, if I can find some fresh herbs…..

We go through this stuff in bulk quantities, so it’s worth making-  Daniel even puts it in his hair!  His balms are scented with patchouli/ vetiver, mine with rose/ ylang ylang/ vanilla. Look at how pretty all their packaging is:

mountain rose


My dear sister-in-law and brother gave us some amazing linen sheets from Linoto for a wedding present.   Linen is a surprising fabric for sheets, being both soft and textured.  But it’s the best fabric we’ve ever slept on, and the brand is making them in NYC.

Note from Daniel, who reads all my posts before they go up: “(insert the story here about how on our first night in the sheets I said i felt like George Washington, and that to my most likely delusional half history of the united states and textile mfg we were sleeping on the same fabric our forefathers would have…)



For the locals: The Holy Donut finally opened their new shop at the bottom of exchange street.  I’m crazy about these things.  The old fashioned is my favorite.


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