because, at 34, I’m just starting an outfit of the day project (you know, #ootd ).  It’s a tumblr.  Daniel takes the photos. ootdcollage

As an art project-  it’s a little challenging.  When I look at the pictures, I can see my mood over time.  Some days I look wary.  Some days I see peace and happiness on my face.  There’s something to that awareness-  “this, apparently, is what I’m actually feeling today.”

(The tags make it sound like I’ve got a wardrobe full of labels!  Which I don’t. There’s one margiela skirt I bought on yoox 8 years ago for $40.  There’s one margiela sweater that was Daniel’s and he shrunk it.  That burberry coat is from 1999 when Freeport had a genuine outlet. I do buy nice shoes, and recently added denim back to the mix ;  )

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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