Happy New Year :)

We moved the studio over the past week.  It’s a surprise to realize how much equipment that studio holds-  all “necessary” to make the things we make.

We are now very happily situated-  in the countryside, in a beautiful, and odd, 12-sided barn.

Daniel and me, our seven industrial machines, the 15 foot table, our fabric rolls and finished inventory-  finally well-organized, in lovely seclusion and privacy.

Photo Dec 31, 3 57 53 PM

Photo Dec 31, 3 51 05 PM

Having a public workshop was great for a time-  but that time is past.  We were there for five years (and probably would have not gotten married were it not for that space on wharf street!) –  but are really ready for the new situation in the countryside, and the privacy.

Our city presence is continuing at Portland Dry Goods on Commercial Street- you can find our items there, with more being added over the next several months.


Moving always really makes you think about things. As in: how many things you have.

I’ve actually never moved a place at this scale-  the last time I moved (to and from Savannah, GA) I was 19 and I didn’t have much more than some clothes and a futon.

The last studio move- 6 years ago- was quick and easy because there was far less machinery and inventory.

This time was different.  The wharf street space- at 1800 square feet- was a fully functional small factory and retail store.  And, despite my fondness for the improvised – I never actually installed lighting in the workshop, preferring high wattage clip lights hung on the exposed beam ceiling- and Daniel’s fondness for the antique, uncomfortable furniture that he had collected over the years- our sense of “not having that much stuff at wharf street” was disproven by the rather large moving truck we filled up.

As I’ve described countless times before, no doubt, I go back and forth on the “stuff” thing.  I really, really, really love sewing, and it’s pretty much impossible to make professional looking stuff without industrial tools.  And the thing about industrial tools?  They last forever, but they all only can do ONE FUNCTION!  Hence the seven sewing machines.

So here’s to:  moving as an opportunity to re-organize and simplify in someways.  and here’s to 2014:  we’re making changes.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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