Daniel and I are going to Europe next week-  for a belated honeymoon of sorts. Much like our low-key, low-planning wedding, this upcoming trip has practically no destinations.  We bought the cheapest ticket we could find-  to “anywhere in Europe” and will be deplaning in Zurich sometime next week.  After that, the plan is generally to go to Italy and Austria and see some Switzerland via train.

Since we’ll be gone for several weeks, I’m going to be shutting-off the shopping component of the website till we return (Last ship date March 17th, returning mid-April).  Coming in later April/ early May, the relaunch of the SEAWALL website with broadly increased product offering- in collaboration with our friends at Portland Dry Goods.

Recommendations for our travels welcome!

p.s. –  I just learned the arabic for honeymoon – شهر العسل – shahr al-9asal –  literally, “month of honey”.  Which is much like the English word, only I never thought about the word origins….

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4 replies on “Honeymoon

  1. Must see in Northern Italy – Venice and any of the lakes (Como, Garda) although it’s not really the season. For skiing – Madonna di Campiglio, Bormio, Cortina (although pricey), and Cervina/Zermatt. Buon viaggio!

    1. hi Katherine- thanks so much for the tips- we are hoping to avoid cold- after this extra long Maine winter- so probably no skiing! But we definitely want to see Venice…

  2. Vienna’s great to visit, so beautiful, great cafes, and the best museums I’ve encountered anywhere (though I probably under appreciate DC, being American and all that). The opulence doesn’t bother me somehow – it sucks me right in. But Lisbon is my favorite city, gritty, but beautiful in its own dilapidated way. I have never felt so home away from home.

    1. hi Elizabeth- Daniel has been to Portugal before- I think to Lisbon as well- and he really enjoyed it. We’re going to try to make it that far east- but it depends on the weather! Thanks for writing :)

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