FROM THE TRAIN: there is so much farmland here. The organization of farmland seems so different from the US, where we have massive regions of the country growing just one thing, to feed cows or to export. Farmland here seems like it may be growing people-food.

ROMA: Initially enchanting, until we start to notice enhanced police activity- and we find out that the US president is coming to town (and staying in the park of that photo above)- Daniel comments that if we didn’t know the cause of all the police, it would look like the city had been invaded.

BOLOGNA: the most suitable Italian city so far- right sized, with many places to eat and shop and walk.

OTHER: not once in all of Italy have we seen someone drink tap water. It’s never offered, though it looks clean. Bottled water is very cheap.

We are fascinated and discomforted by the RT (propaganda ?) channel on every television. I enjoy watching the AlJazeera and ZDF channels. Also mildly discomforting: the blithe German appropriation of American style hip hop/ rap, but by white Germans, who literally call themselves “gangsterrapper” (male) or “gangsterrapperin” (female). While America is probably the most experienced in the act of inappropriate cultural appropriation, it’s odd to see it from another place.

“Alora”…. The most beautiful and useful Italian word- which I may be misspelling- as it means so many different things, like “so”, and “I’m preparing your table,” and “let me find where we are on this map,” and “one moment,” and so much more.

The Italians have automated espresso machines figured out! The machines are everywhere, and do an excellent job. Why hasn’t anyone started making these things widely available in the US?

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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