Always amused by how far ahead in time fashion cycle runs….Daniel frequently asks me “what year are we working on? And what year is it now?”

For spring 2015, we were thinking about power objects.  Gold, tattoos, jewelry, amulets, decoration.  And plants.  greenery and flowers.  Jungles and warrior princesses.

So all that gets synthesized into pieces that I’d want to wear, in everyday life.

invisible hand

The Invisible Hand

collection 2 collection 1

Organic cotton draped and folded dresses at left, and lots of silk.


The Organic Basics, now in garment dye soft shades.

stripes the ever favorite stripes

Yarn-dye Stripes Mini Collection

silk elemental styles keyhole & changeling styles silk niceties


Silk and Special Pieces:  Changeling Bralette, Keyhole Panties, Elemental Bra and high Brief, Garters, Eye Masks, and Silk Scarves.


at the preview

Our preview for friends and collaborators, in Portland Maine.

keyhole styles daniel and me organic cotton Changeling Bralette with silk scarves




afterward, production planning with tulsi tea


Post Preview.  Production Planning for the next cycle, with Tulsi Tea.




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