Oh hello again.  I keep saving up essays in my mind, but never end up getting here to write them.

We are, quite literally, revamping all the production systems we have used at Brook There and Seawall, and transitioning to systems that will allow us to produce more, and better.  This is primarily pattern-making work, plus some new machinery.  Everything is still cut and sewn within a few miles of Portland, but through updating our patterns we’ll be able to produce faster cheaper better and at higher volumes.

The pattern-updating part? That’s me :) Like most small brands, we use hard-paper patterns (i.e. oaktag.) and while these sure are pretty, they are labor intensive to produce.  Just cutting the paper smoothly is a skill, and one requires heavy-duty scissors.

patterns in the workshop

My month(s) have been and will be spent developing new patterns for practically all styles- new patterns that have shrink built in.  We always made a point of selling Brook There pieces as pre-shrunk (except in the case of wool-  that’s a different story) – but, for the most part, we were shrinking the fabric before cutting.  This is crazy and labor intensive at any sort of scale, so I’ve been recutting the patterns for shrinkage or dying after sewing. The end customer experience stays the same-  garments are pre-shrunk and by having been put through a dye cycle or hot wash and dry cycle.



Other projects:

SEAWALL :  New Shirts / for Men and Women

seawall women's shirts Screen shot 2014-11-27 at 9.45.28 AM



(and yeah, preshrunk too!)
















Thanksgiving Coupon Code:  use SNOWDAY25 for 25% off your order now through December 1st.

Snow Day


















I’ve started a video series, in Arabic, about language and culture stuff.  The channel is here,
most of the videos are subtitled or closed-captioned, though I think I’ve decided the intended audience is not necessarily English-language speakers, so I’m not sure if there’s much point to close-captioning them.  However, I must say, this being my only real foray into video making, I’m impressed with the Youtube closed-captioning tools.  (All you out there who know more about this are probably laughing at this naivety :)

Youtube channel

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