1. Coffee.  We used to use a fancy double bialetti system, which looked cool but really was hard to clean.  Now we use a regular old Mr Coffee with a timer.  Not cool, easy to clean, and nice to wake up to. Some fifteen years ago I bought four of these crumple mugs.  Two have broken over the years, two remain.  They are my favorite.  Every week, I open a can of full fat organic coconut milk, whip it together in the vitamix, and then store it in a jar in the fridge.  A scoop of that in coffee tastes better than cream.The crumple mugs
  2. Notebooks and nice pens.  I prefer muji 0.5mm rollerballs, in indigo and blue and black, and actually, all the colors.  My notebooks are multicolored now.  (Here’s a scan of a gift notebook I made for my mom for Christmas. She said she wanted to learn Arabic, and I knew there isn’t a great textbook out there for the alphabet basics, so I wrote down what I know: The Arabic Alphabet )
  3. I am so appreciative of my new computer.  It makes me very happy, it allows me to type efficiently in two languages, and it weighs about 1/5 what my prior one weighed.  computer + cinnamon roll
  4. Rice and Beans.  This past month, we made a resolution to stop eating out unless it was with friends.  When you live in a place like Portland, with all its food, it’s easy to slip into a cycle of not-grocery-shopping and eating out because you haven’t grocery-shopped and now you are starving.  The rice-and-beans at home program tastes so good, and feels so good, and makes me so happy.
  5. Black de-logoed backpack.  When Daniel and I went on our belated honeymoon to Italy in 2014, we each brought only one backpack- this simple jansport thing that I removed the patches from.  It looks inconspicuous, blends in to any situation, and works well for urban travel.Roma
  6. Max the cat.  Every morning, we have a ritual.  I feed her, get myself coffee and breakfast, and then we sit on the couch.  She allows me to use her back as a bookrest or notebook rest. It’s very sweet.Max
  7. Daniel.  He doesn’t really come after Max in the list.  This is an unordered list, you know. I try to avoid sentimentality in writing.
  8. Physical Books.  The short stint I went through with kindle books was brief because I realized my memory is visual-  when I want to find something again in a book, I need to have the physical memory of where, approximately, it was on the page and through the book.  I don’t like to read and underline on a kindle, it detracts from the flow of reading, and we don’t travel much, so book bulk is not an issue.
  9. Climbing.  Makes me very happy.  Has been a mental lifesaver this past year.  Is unlike every other physical activity I’ve ever tried.12336291_1655717734692827_1352764645_n
  10. Snow tires in Winter.  When I miss having a mini cooper, its tempered by how much I like winter and how stressful it was to deal with the little car in the snow.
  11. Winter in general.  I didn’t use to love it, but the older I’ve gotten the more I appreciate it.  Seasons are important for my soul. It’s only when it drags on into May that I feel a little impatient for spring.Snow
  12. Skin food. Suddenly, everything feels better.
  13. Living in a small-ish space with not too much stuff.
Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “Essentials

  1. Another reason that validates getting a high powered blender…I will have to try your coconut idea in my coffee. Cheers to not one but two mugs of steamy goodness!

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