When I write by hand, I censor myself less.  Somehow the very act of writing on a computer, which is not truly a private space, causes me to write cautiously. So, while I do edit out the inflammatory bits prior to publishing, writing by hand allows me to better recognize my own thoughts and the current state of things in my mind.

Along these lines, I prefer books on paper. I tried to use a kindle, for a full year, with much enthusiasm, until I realized that I couldn’t easily re-find the parts of the books I liked.  I rely on a good spatial memory, and almost always remember where on the two page spread a sentence or phrase had been, and approximately how far through the book as a 3d object. Trying to re-find things in a kindle proved disorienting, as it lacked all the points of reference I had been relying upon.

During that kindle phase, I read a couple books I really enjoyed, and find myself repeatedly surprised to not find them on my bookshelf.



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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