Persistence, in the face of all the distractions life provides, is the most important part of making goals.

I write a lot, most of it just for my personal use and not with the intention of publishing.  I write as part of the process of manifesting ideas and goals, and it turns into a record that, if I look back on it, provides insight into how well I’ve stayed the course despite all the new and surprising things that come up. This is one of the benefits of writing, I suppose.  it keeps you honest.

In an unpremeditated way, I’ve slipped into the habit of doing yearly rounds of writing summaries and goals.  It just happens that by the time Christmas rolls around I tend to be feeling reflective, and often a little grumpy and self-critical.  At the beginning of 2015 I wrote some eighty to hundred pages of business plans and personal plans, and then stuck them in a drawer (metaphorically.)  Life happened, and the year presented a whole variety of challenges and surprises that were completely unexpected. As they always are.

I had the feeling all year of treading water- staying afloat but not making any progress.

When one big part of 2015 came to a positive conclusion this week, I sat down and reread some of my writing from early in the year.  Despite my perception of treading water, the reality was that many of goals I wanted to accomplish had been reached, and some in a better manner than I had imagined.

It’s important to know some things about yourself. In this instance, Daniel acts as my sanity check.  I’m self-critical about my accomplishments in a way that has, no doubt, both positive and negative consequences.

Writing things down helps.  Because then, life happens, but somehow those goals have sunk just a little deeper into your subconscious, and though it might feel like nothing is happening, the reality could prove different.

Along these lines, I’m instituting a MONTHLY REPORT to replace my informal yearly goals.  It’s a handwritten, pretty, short piece, collected into a single notebook with all the other future monthly reports.  It’s part of that intellectual honesty and realism. It will, I hope, help with holding that course steady.

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Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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