There’s this shift that’s happening to the fashion season calendar. Daniel and I were talking about whether we should make this transition with our brand and how it would affect production planning.  I drew up my visualization of a year.

Daniel looked at it and laughed.  “You think of the year as a counter-clockwise circle?”

Yeah. I guess I do. I never noticed before.  How do you think of the year?


A little background on the fashion calendar shift, for those interested:

For over a half century, brands have shown a collection six months prior to its being available for sale in stores. For example, Fall collections are shown in the preceding February, and Spring collections are shown the preceding September. Historically, this six month time gap provided time for wholesale orders to be taken and production of the garments to happen, as well as gave sufficient leadtime for print magazine editorial coverage.

In the era of instant social media and fast fashion, there’s a little bit of an upheaval occurring in fashion land. Some brands (Burberry, Tom Ford) are reworking that calendar, and announcing that clothes from new collections will be available for purchase in stores the day after the collection is shown.  It’s a move intended to keep interest and novelty high. Then, there’s announcements from the old guard (Paris Couture) saying that they will not be adjusting the calendar and things shall continue as they were, instagram be damned.

Anyway, I think we’re going to switch. It makes more sense for a brand like ours.


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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