I’m pretending we’re on vacation.  Daniel disagrees.

Anyway, during the two real vacations we’ve taken over the past (nearly five) years together, I noticed, after some five or six days away, and really positive and interesting shift in thought patterns and thinking habits.  It’s like that routine is in so deep that it takes almost a week before the mind can break out of it.

Daniel says we’re not on vacation now, because if you go into the production facility and count garments and do quality assurance and put stuff into inventory, it’s not vacation.  He has a point. Though I suspect, that most of what causes the thought-pattern shift is simply being away from home.

A shot from our inventory.  Most of our production now happens in Fall River (Mass) and online orders are shipped from the same facility.  And the most important aspect: items don’t need to be individually plastic bagged. Typical warehousing pick and pack operations require garments to be individually bagged- which just seemed so antithetical to our brand objectives we didn’t pursue it.






Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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