There is this philosophical construct that I call, in my head, non-resistance.  It goes something like: Consciousness in the flow. No resistance or struggle in thought patterns. The first step to knowing how, intuitively, when to do any specific activity or task.

I thought this idea came from Buddhism, but I can’t seem to find a reference for it now, so maybe it comes from some other religion or philosophy. It’s clear there are mentions of non-resistance in Buddhism and Christianity, but all seem to refer to external factors-  turn the other cheek, non-violent resistance, etc.  I’m looking for the term that describes internal non-resistance.  Maybe the idea is just called acceptance.

Ever since I’ve been an adult, I’ve tried to use a task management system of non-resistance, which works like this: make a list of the things that need to get done. Put the list aside. Do the things when they occur to you in the moment. I’m not joking. It works fairly well for me and is in this spirit of non-resistance.

When I talk about improved thinking, as in yesterday’s post, I’m talking about non-resistance in thinking.  It’s like quitting smoking, but experiencing no cravings after you’ve quit. That’s non-resistance.  I’m a vegetarian: but it’s a completely non-resistant state. I never crave meat or fish. I was a vegan, but could tell I was malnourished in that state. That’s resistance.  Those are physical resistance.  I’m interested in mental non-resistance.

Photo Mar 13, 9 29 51 AM
A very sweet friend gave me climber sticky notes on which I build my to-do list!






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