Successful people focus on opportunities. Sure, they notice problems, and might try to fix them, but most of their attention and energy is spent on opportunity.  It’s always an offensive play.

Or at least this is what I observe.

I heard a story yesterday about how some top climbers are taking mood stabilizers or beta-blockers to cut out negative mental chatter and fear, without affecting physical performance. (I wonder how it affects accurate intellectual risk assessment.)

This fascinated me:  that there are drugs that specifically remove fear, without impairing other functions (over the short term. Side affects are something else.)

Somehow, just the act of reflecting on the idea that fear-removing is as “simple” as a little chemical switch somewhere in that brain actually helps to activate it- just like thinking about happiness helps to make us happy.

The whole system up there is just so flexible.

2016-01-31 19.52.28

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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