Since Daniel and I got together, my wardrobe has basically doubled: with worn-in men’s clothing in black, or black, or black that has been washed a bunch of times and might be considered grey.

This spring I started to feel like I want to wear color.

Daniel has an economic theory about the relation between markets and fashion: when the economy is soft or hurting or getting ready to hurt, fashion turns bright, joyful, and fun. And when the market is roaring, fashion turns dark, serious, and grim.

So I had started to want to wear colors again. Black is convenient: you can wear the same pieces every day and nobody else knows. But try doing that with coral. I like to have mountains of books and a limited wardrobe.

Anyway, the market always cycles, and perhaps I’m just feeling tired of wearing black.

2016-03-13 11.32.43-1

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

One thought on “color indicators

  1. Ha! ha! You remind me that two years ago I looked into my closet and noted the morbid drabness. I had an artist friend who’d had her “colors done” and always looked glowing. So I, too, spent a good deal of cash to accomplish the same. “My season” turned out to be “spring”, giving me bold bright colors that terrified me. I gave myself the assignment to shop ONE spring color item at Good Will every week. I dutifully did this. Soon I had lots of luscious colors and practiced wearing them. However, all the spectral chroma continued to terrify me. I constantly felt I was in costume, that I’d actually adopted the wardrobe signifying all my post-menopausal women friends. I’d come home, throw on my black cashmere sweater and jeans and feel waves of comfort and relief. Bag by bag the spring clothes have largely found their way back to Good Will. I now occasionally select color in accessories, a scarf, beads, earrings, lipstick— all go well with black, gray, brown. No need to respond, of course, Brook. I share my tale to perhaps save you the similar circuitous journey. Just buy a couple good scarves in Italy. (As you can tell, I really enjoy your short, thoughtful posts! Apologies for responding so often.) Berry

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