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This weekend I made a very simple change to my phone: I moved the icon for email over to the last, lonely page so I would need to swipe right four times to reach it. In its place I stuck the Evernote app (which is the same shade of green), so if I do compulsively open email I get to see my to-do list instead.

I’ve been identifying the triggers + perpetuators for my constant medium-grade anxiety. Email is definitely one of them.  And, since I don’t work in an office, and friends/associates generally know I don’t work in front of a computer, there is literally no reason for me to check email more than once a day. (Most people I’m working with with tend to call me if they need a same-day answer.)

So the new program I’ve put in place: check email in the mornings, after breakfast and meditation.

Obviously, if I need to have an ongoing email communication with someone, that’s not a problem (such as the one I’m having right now with a tech support guy.) The important point is that it’s a choice, not a compulsion.

I mostly would describe my version of the Nouveau Luddite as inhabiting a skeptical stance towards personal technology.

  • Writing blog posts and other writings on paper first
  • Reading books on paper because I can better find parts or quotes that I want to remember after the fact, without interrupting my reading flow to make highlights
  • Eating primarily natural/organic/unprocessed foods. Eating foods that look like food (i.e. not soylent or coffee cubes !?!)
  • A preference for cotton, wool, and silk to synthetic fibers in most cases (rain and wind gear being the exception.) Synthetic fibers smell bad and require a fair bit of chemical processing to produce. And you’ll note: cotton direct from the plant and wool direct from the sheep look and feel an awful lot like the fabric they get made into- meaning less processing is required.
  • Climbing rocks, not lifting weights.
  • Climbing rocks, not using an elliptical.
  • Avoiding having conversations of any substance on the phone or by text.
  • Taking notes on paper. (Thanks, CHBD!)
  • A healthy skepticism towards conventional medical advice


"Daniel! There's a temple on top of this rock!"
“Daniel! There’s a temple on top of this rock!”


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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