For entertainment on a recent long car ride, I started recounting every hotel room we’ve ever stayed in, noting any details I could remember. In part it was a memory exercise to pass the time, in other part it was a sweet recounting (oh, here are all the places we’ve slept in the same bed.)

I remember things spatially with relative ease, and so when I recall places I’ve slept I remember the orientation of the bed and door with respects to the surrounding landscape.  As a child I used to close my eyes while lying down and be able to magically “relocate” myself to one of the other few rooms I had slept in- say a different room in our house, or my grandmother’s guest room- and I’d feel the difference in the spatial orientation to the point I couldn’t quite remember where I actually was.

(to put a bow on it, as Daniel says, Vacation is like that. Magically transported to a different orientation in the world, with nothing much to do.)

2016-04-12 10.08.14

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

3 replies on “Landscapes

  1. Hi Brooke.
    Have you explored the works and teachings of Neville Goddard? In his lectures he uses and describes the techniques similar to the one you just mentioned (the one with “relocating” yourself from one room or bed to another) and claims or rather proves that these techniques are all written (or hidden in plain sight) right in The Bible.
    I hope you are ok with all these book and study recommendations, I have a feeling you might actually like them…

    1. Absolutely! I love book recommendations (and I always order them :) I’ve never heard of Neville Goddard, and I’ve always been a little curious about this experience of ‘relocating’ oneself. Thank you, as always!

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