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Pictured is my current “to-read” list. As I’ve mentioned, part of my autodidact degree is reading books translated into Arabic, an easier way to gain facility with reading comfort than reading books written in target language. The literary + cultural patterns of western-euro-language books are familiar, etc, etc.

It has continually surprised me what a challenge it is to find reading materials of quality in a non-euro target language. There are a couple booksellers on amazon who specialize in Arabic language books, and while I’m not opposed to purchasing from overseas sellers, have found the checkout systems concerning.

But two fascinating things:

One of my recent purchases (the much-discussed طعام…صلاة…حب) was actually print on demand. About $20, via Amazon, with a print date of the day I ordered, and it’s from one of the larger publishing houses.  Tons of books I’d like, but a checkout system that gave me pause.  (no paypal, collecting a credit card without a shipping address…)

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This same book was part of a translation program under the umbrella of a foundation funded with $10 BILLION US dollars in 2007 by an Emirati Sheik.   As the opening page of the book reads, the idea behind this program was to translate a thousand books from the “world languages of civilization” into Arabic over just three years- about a book a day – with the aim of “enabling coming generations in innovation and development of sustainable solutions to challenges…”

So where are these books? Why aren’t they ALL print on demand via amazon? Google book search shows some that carry the same opening page.

Anyway, my current non-strategy strategy is just to return to Amazon every couple of weeks and do a new search, and order whatever turns up that seems like something I would remotely read.


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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