Sometimes I wish I had a sensai, a life trainer, who would tell me where to go next and correct my movements with confidence. Nobody really gets that in real life, despite the proliferation of life coaches and the like. It would just be so nice, you know, to know that someone was watching and could inform my choices?

Instead, we’ve all got just rational knowledge and conscience and intuition, and they feel just that much too intimate to be trusted. But, real other people are fallible, and even the wise ones make mistakes.

So I feel like the morningtime hours are my guide- which is why I protect them so diligently. Those couple of hours of quiet, reflection and writing provide the recharge and direction daily.

It’s all too easy, when yesterday’s projects are still pending, to let them encroach onto the next morning.  But the chance to check-in with your rational and conscious self, and your conscience and intuition can’t be reclaimed easily once the intensity of the day has begun.

So good boundaries make good neighbors in all parts of life. And when the neighbors in question are practical reality and to ongoing aim towards self-actualization or whatever you’d like to call it, protect the time for internal navigation. No email or social media or talking. The practical worries of the day get to wait until it’s time to clock-in.

2016-01-05 07.22.13

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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