I’d like a better name for the concept of nouveau luddite. Something optimistic rather than adversative. You know, like people call themselves tiny house lovers, not big house haters.  Or we say minimalists, not rejectors of materialism.

Is a good word analogist? (It has a meaning already however: one who reasons from analogy.)

To summarize the original post, I enjoy modern technology but don’t think heavy usage is good for thinking or relationships. Unless I can see a friend in person, I don’t keep up with them, because the screen-remove is too big a distance to cross. Technology is a wonderful broadcast medium but a lacking one-to-one medium. I’ll make a phone call rather than send an email most of the time.

So where is that line of discomfort, really? Because I love the printing press. I even love the print-on-demand press. I care about things that better our analog world. I don’t reject technology. I just choose to be careful about my intake.


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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