A couple of weeks ago I came to the conclusion that my emotional GPS is flawed.  Possibly even broken, possibly never worked at all.

I started to compare it to Daniel’s real-world sense of direction.  He recognizes places, but they just don’t auto-organize into a spatial map inside his head.  So, if I’m in the car, I navigate. If he’s alone, he uses GPS. This example has helped me: if he’s so gifted and brilliant in all his many ways-  and just is missing a sense of direction that is very easily supplemented by a navigator or a machine- maybe I really don’t need to worry about my own lack of a functional emotional guidance system. I can recognize that, from the start, whatever ‘settings’ I was born with are too sensitive and hyper-alert to danger, which leads to many, many false alarms.

So it’s really simple. I navigate when we’re in the car. And he gets an override brake for my emotional assessments.

2015-11-03 06.19.21

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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