The other day I listed a series of small improvements I’d made to the structure of my days, mostly taking place in the mornings. Cumulatively, they give me a strong sense of agency and connectedness.

But what about the habits that haven’t stuck?  What was different about them? Why could I only get them to 60% viability or so while the others work at 99%?

I think the reasons for my unsuccess show two typifiers: amount of time something takes, and amount of pleasure it gives.

There are two habits I have been unsuccessful in adding at the frequency I would like:

  1. climb or hangboard every other day (or, in the absence of either, do a body weight workout)
  2. post on instagram daily and spend some ten minutes interacting

I think both of these desired habits have gotten associated to some negatives:

Climbing/Hangboarding: negative associations- fear, exhaustion, takes a very long time (it’s not uncommon to spend 4 hours at the rock gym because we love it once we’re there. While climbing outside, by default, takes a bunch of time with travel et al, a weekday bout of activity needs to be briefer to really work for us on all levels.) In sum, I have associated climbing activity with takes more time than I’m really comfortable with, and consequently leaves me exhausted.

Post on Instagram: negative associations- lack of enjoyment, plain and simple. Touching my phone. Not having a sufficient image variety queued up. Thus, I have associated instagram with: does not provide pleasure.


Yet: I like taking pictures (when we are traveling I take many.) I love climbing. It’s just getting these things to fit into a structure has been a challenge.

2016-04-10 15.44.56


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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