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Book Launch: Dead Still Dream ميت ما يزال يحلم

A Dual-Language Poetry Book, by Kifah Abdulla

We are very pleased to announce the book launch and author signing for Dead Still Dream ميت مايزال يحلم by Kifah Abdulla. The event will take place from 5-6pm on June 20th, 2016, in the main lobby of the Maine College of Art, in conjunction with the Art In Exodus Storyteller’s Night, funded in part by the Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Humanities Council.

Kifah is a poet, writer, artist, and creator.  Born in Baghdad, Iraq, he moved to the United States and Portland, Maine in 2011.  As a young man, Kifah was a DeadStillDreamsoldier in the Iraq-Iran war. He was captured and spent over eight years as a prisoner of war in Iran. Dead Still Dream ميت مايزال يحلم is document through poetry of Kifah’s experiences as a soldier, a prisoner, and a survivor. Kifah held a persistent vision of hope, peace, and love that carried him through the years of war and prison. These poems explore that vision.

Several motifs reoccur through the first two sections of the book.  Prison is symbolized as The Wall.  A three part long poem called The Wall and Me recounts how the wall changes during his eight years behind it. The motif of The Assassin refers to the Torturer or Prison Warden, who becomes a caricature of ignorance, described in the three poems Dialog With The Assassin.

Dreams, the opening section of the book, shows the wistful consciousness of survival through the years by continued remembrance and dreaming of the world beyond the prison. The final section of the book is a collection of poems about love, beauty, and life in the free world.

The thirty-seven poems were translated from the original Arabic to English by Brook DeLorme, a Portland resident. The book is printed in both languages, with Arabic and English on facing pages.

June 20th was chosen for the book launch for two reasons: it is World Refugee Day, and Kifah will be performing a spoken word piece later in the evening as part of Maine College of Art’s Art In Exodus Storyteller’s Night.  Several of Kifah’s large paintings have been included in the Art in Exodus Show, including Those Dreaming Of A Window which was selected as the cover for Dead Still Dream ميت مايزال يحلم.   Art in Exodus is funded in part by an Arts & Humanities grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Maine Humanities Council.

For Press Inquiries:  Brook DeLorme,

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