Can you imagine things in a way that is crisper? clearer? more refined? How exactly does one do this sort of thinking if the end-goal isn’t clear?  When the goal isn’t to “win” in some quantifiable way, but instead it is undefined- how do you apply what you know about achievement and ‘winning’ to an unknown purpose?

It’s relatively easy to figure out the steps one takes to be better in a quantifiable way.  It doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement them, but it’s straightforward to figure them out.

If I wanted to climb harder, I can think of a dozen discrete things I would do differently everyday, which would, without a doubt, lead to better climbing.  They would take time, and discipline, and having made the list, I might decide to do some of them.  Or I might not.

But what about figuring out how to do something when the end goal is not measurable? When the “goal”, if you can even call it that, is just some inkling of an intuition that hasn’t clarified yet, and probably won’t, unless you sit patiently, for months or years, and keep exploring it?

2014-03-21 18.48.13-1




Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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