At dinner yesterday someone mentioned The Absurd, and I was reminded of art school: when that skill was a critical and relevant part of creativity. It figured prominently in my own work, always manifesting in this sort of wan, half-alive kind of way. (At that point I hadn’t fully committed to being a person.)

So now, as a grown-up kind of person, what more sort of absurd can I bring on and in? That welcome reminder of how thrillingly weird life is, can be, really is. The way of thinking that makes us check our relationship to conventional reality, without self-consciousness.

I’m making a private list.

It seems like, in contemporary lingo, the absurd is understood as surreal, as opposed to the denied-existentialism of the Kierkegaard-Camus lineage. For those of us who don’t experience the world as absurd, in the nihilistic sense, but rather revel in the absurdity, in the creative sense, what to do?

2016-05-31 08.41.51 2016-05-31 08.42.32

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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