Ever noticed how it’s so easy to observe other people and think: if you just did this, that and xyz, you would be in an awesome professional position, because I can see the skills you have.

However, in this day and age of solopreneurship it almost inevitably involves extensive self-promotion, which, for the average person, is hard. It’s like we need a new way to think about self-promotion. Rising to the top of just about any field requires this activity, either overt or hidden, the firm belief that “I am the most suited for this role”, and the willingness to act out that belief.

Generally, American culture socially permits and rewards high levels of self-promotion, but other cultures may not. Moreover, subsets of American culture do not:  I don’t think New England reserve and self-promotion mix well.

Does the best work always rise to the top? No.  Typically, good consistent work paired with good promotion ends up there.

The Close + Personal Factor

Promoting oneself is more challenging than promoting a product. Our brand really started to clarify and take off when we disassociated it from my ‘personality’.  Having a separation between myself and the brand makes talking about it much easier, psychologically speaking.

Clarity + The Hook

Reality TV aside, there’s got to be a purpose to the promotion.  Typical reasons include:

  1. Teaching Something
  2. Performing something (comedian, singer, etc)
  3. Selling a product
  4. Telling a story

The clearer the hook is, the easier the promotion. More on that soon.

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2016-06-07 08.46.10
First time in some years I’ve had business cards.


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