Everything moves very fast these days, and work that sells needs to be understood almost instantaneously. Thus, the viewer can process and decide (Oh yeah, that’s for me) or (Not my thing) and move on. Of course, without the clarity of a hook, the answer will be (Not my thing) more often than not.

Now of course, for those of us who come from aesthetics backgrounds, overt hooks are “ugly.” Daniel and I have spent hours going back and forth about the words that should exist on the top 25% of the brookthere.com site.  Should the words Organic Underwear Made in the USA be right on top front and center? What about Free Shipping in the USA?  I’m describing, of course, the literal top 25% of the webpage.  As it stands right now, we’ve deferred to aesthetics and let the categories speak for themselves until the next comprehensive redesign.

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, selling stuff is easier with a clear hook.

However, creative projects don’t fit neatly into a half-sentence. Creative projects are those things that are not yet productized.  When I started the brand Brook There, it was a creative project. Now it’s very clearly a product, and fully independent of my personality.  That’s important.

My new creative projects include this blog, where I haven’t yet figured out the hook. Ideas welcome :)



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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