I went to a vegan restaurant once in Los Angeles: the chef was well-known for having taken a vow of silence many years prior. How he ran his restaurant, I don’t know; but it is a compelling story.

How does one speak less without making the lives of those around you more complicated? Speech is efficient- it allows us to work together and create and collaborate. But while in the act of speaking it is all too easy to get taken up by emotions or physical-level things, because speech, by necessity, must pass through the body.

Words allow us to communicate thoughts to others. In theory, they also allow us to communicate emotions, but most people don’t need words to convey emotions, except at a distance.

But speech, useful for conveying ideas, is not that effective in dealing with emotion. One can’t reason or use logic when people are caught up in anger or hurt. Any speech at all, unless it is also from a place of emotion, will just enflame their pain.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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