Compromise is a weak position. Relationships based on compromise usually fail.

The only position worth aiming for is win-win.

Yet we settle for compromise far too often. Our entire political system is built on compromise (and results in pork barrel bills.) (I deliberately do not write about politics, so that’s as far as I’ll go into that.)

Many people have personal relationships built on compromise, like houses built on sand.

When did compromise get the reputation for being a smart, mature path to take? It’s not. It’s short sighted. It just postpones problems for later.

When Daniel and I first got together, he liked to say that one of the things he appreciated about me is that I “have standards.”

Aim for win-win whatever you do. Don’t aim for compromise. Why is win-win a challenge? It requires another whole leveling up of creative thinking.



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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