I’ve had this theory for several years now about an individual’s ability to change. Now, to be honest, it’s a bit of a depressing theory.  I’d be happy to be wrong. Daniel actually thinks I’m wrong, which is a sliver of hope.

My theory goes like this: People are not able to change their moral orientation.

The primary moral orientations we see play out in the political spectrum are freedom vs. equality, or in more contemporary speech, libertarianism vs. authoritarianism.

These moral stances don’t actually map to the current political parties at all, of course, but most people lean in one direction and then choose their political affiliation based on that.

This is the moral compass that I don’t believe can be changed. We have this internal sense that we prefer freedom, or we prefer to live in a system that corrects for inequalities. This guides our understanding and interpretation of all events.

Now, the majority of course want to live in a system that has both features, of course. It’s the ratio that we’re arguing about.

Have you ever heard of someone shifting their orientation?




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Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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