Election cycles are tough. The hate, lies, and uncompassion spread by both “sides” towards one another becomes like an atmospheric poison soup. Any sane person looks forward to it being over soon.

But, it is an opportunity to vividly experience how literally and intensely our own attention choices and thought choices affect our well-being.

Instead of reading the news for an hour today, read something creative, true, timeless, and good.

Instead of engaging in social media b.s. and adding to the poison stew, create something beautiful.
The only way of out of this situation is for enough individuals to rise above it. Engaging with it only corrupts.


Engaging in a political discussion typically leaves me with about a weeklong hangover (and I don’t even drink…)

Yes, I’m perfectly capable of better than holding my own intellectually: I have a strong recall for facts, I understand my own position well, and I understand the other’s position intellectually, and I think quickly.

But the soul-sucking-drain of arguing, even when I’m confident of the moral and intellectual rightness of my position- well, that metaphysical drain is more than it is worth.

Several years ago I made a house rule: “Talking about politics is rude.” (which it is.) Thus, most of the time I choose not to engage. Every time I do engage I leave the conversation feeling more hopeless about humanity than before.


There is one solution:  focus on creating. Focus attention on making things, on bringing beauty and truth and goodness into the world. And hope and pray that eventually there will be enough people willing to rise above the rhetoric and the lies, and that we’ll find a way of engaging as a society that is better than the lowest-common-denominator.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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