What’s on our list:

  • handmade by Daniel cavatelli with pomodoro sauce and grated parmesan
  • smashers (small potatoes parboiled, coated with olive oil + fresh cracked pepper + large flake sea salt, put into cast iron pan, smashed with bottom of pint glass, and then broiled in the oven.)
  • salad: frisee endive mix with dried cranberries and prosecco vinegar vinaigrette
  • roasted baby broccoli with olive oil and garlic cloves
  • hummus
  • dukka
  • flat bread from Ameera (hopefully)
  • dinner rolls or pain a levain from Standard (hopefully)
  • turkey
  • homemade cranberry sauce
  • cheese plate, chips, salsa, pretzels, nuts
  • eggnog, cranberry juice, prosecco, nebbiolo, coffee
  • pumpkin pie + real whipped cream
  • flourless chocolate torte



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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