Ever feel like your subconscious has put a little bit of an embargo on your creative output?

That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of months.

There’s the normal contributing factors (busyness, the creativity crushing effect of an election cycle, not enough sunlight.)  But the situation gets compounded because not producing creative output has a self-perpetuating effect. Creative activity is the best way to ward off and protect against bad feelings.

So what’s needed to get going again?

A reboot.

A jumpstart.

(Can you think of any metaphors that aren’t related to machines?  Is this something people dealt with before machines were so prevalent in our lives?)

First off, creative activity, while it feels like a luxury, is not.  It is the ultimate anti-depressant and anti-anxiety. It keeps you sane. It keeps the power on and flowing and on your side.

But it is time to treat it like a fresh project, a new beginning. December and January are always a good time to clean up and start new projects.

First up:

  1. Digital Cleanup: This is a project I’ll be undertaking this week (More on that soon.)
  2. Year End Summary
  3. Next Year’s Goals

These should set me set up with a fresh and clean sphere for new creative action. Onwards!






Posted by:Brook DeLorme

6 replies on “Getting up and going

    1. hi Jovan! Nice to hear from you too :)

      I’ve read a fair bit about fasting, and generally, it sounds like a great thing if one is sick. I also tend to think it affects men differently from women- my husband frequently skips breakfast and lunch and feels great, but if I do that I just get extremely tired and low-energy- and even after I eat a meal I can’t regain sufficient energy to do anything.

      When I was younger- ages 19-24- I seriously under-ate every day (Between 400-1000 calories daily average)- and I definitely experienced the mental benefits of fasting (a type of high, clarity, focus) – but experienced the downsides too- antisocialness, low-energy, etc. So I guess- it’s something I would consider if I were sick, but the normal attitude I have towards eating now took too long to build to take lightly.

      As far as veganism- I ate raw vegan for two years (2008-2010). At first it was great, but after a while it started to seriously negatively affect my digestion (I still avoid raw kale + similar vegetables because of this). This was followed by a year of cooked vegan. It just doesn’t work for me: I’m leaner and feel way, way more balanced on a vegetarian diet. I’ve been vegetarian since I was twelve, so it’s just the normal state for me.

      What’s your experience with both?


      1. Hey…Brooke
        Thanks for detailed reply.
        Each time I hear someone or me being stuck I advice myself and others to look into the stomachs…it’s quite tangible and simple approach. Maybe the answers we are looking for if we are at all are quite simple and simpler then we thought. Yes, my experience with food is that it is connected to the life I am living and states of mind I am in. You noticed that mental clarity as well…and you are vegetarian since the age of twelve. Quite cool…I wish I thought about subject much earlier…anyways we are judged only by the things we know and not what we do not know. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” comes to mind.
        Turned vegan unknowingly after reading Brothers Karamazov, the old monk Zosima said that we should love each thing and each being, and that made sense, so the separation of my actions and my values have happened. The next day, I stopped eating animals and their produces (I didn’t know there was such thing as being vegan at the time). And it felt so great! I was free! The existence become spiritual and very real. The present moment. But then after sometime I went back, and each time I would find reason…one was: I don’t want to disturb people at whose house I am eating (with this idea). Or if someone gave me meal with animal in it, I’d accept and eat it. Then the playing sports without eating meat is something I guess I didn’t have courage to do…so little by little I introduced eggs, milk and diary, chocolate, honey, and meat back…not as much as before but almost regularly. And, guess what, I started feeling like crap. Three months or so ago…I turned vegan for good. Now, I don’t care wether I die tomorrow or live hundred more years…it is just right thing to do and that’s it. It’s more important then health, but I am feeling great and healthy as well, healthier then ever. Antisocial behaviour is not an issue to me…I quite enjoy it…and even find it easier to be around people when I am more present and alive.
        Ok. Didn’t mean to write this much, but it is definitely the topic I am passionate about.
        Many best blessings to you and Daniel.

      2. hi Jovan- thank you and it’s always so interesting to hear about the paths people take. I agree with you: the food we eat reflects itself in our bodies as well as our minds and spirits. I really admire it if someone is able to eat vegan and also be healthy- it’s rare but I think more people are coming into that state. Thank you!!

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