We will be up north, and hopefully it will snow. There will be a fireplace, a sauna, and nice walks down to the harbor.  Maybe we’ll run into the Captain who married us, who probably still thinks it was a last-minute elopement. We’ll let him know we’re still married.

I’ve been reflecting on the post I wrote last year this time, and what has come true and what has not yet come to pass.

Overall, last year was about positivity and optimism, and saying yes to whatever life brought. This worked out well, as one might expect. 2017 focus: a lighthearted and creative approach to projects.  It’s important- for me- to think of things as art projects, rather than serious endeavors. When I get serious, I turn into a no-fun.

Work (Brook There): Excellent and dramatic continued growth, despite never finding anyone to help with social media. 2017 focus: Continue all current tactics and grow the email list.

Mind: In 2016 I formalized the idea of the Autodidact Degree, and my personal studies expanded in new and interesting ways (translation, interpreting, volunteering, friendships etc.) 2017 focus: Dual Language Meaningful Mini-series (coming soon on youtube.)

Body: We did climb a lot, though nowhere near my intention or goals. It took till October for us to finally buy and rope and start climbing outside: but at least we did that, even if was only a little! 2017 focus: Climb out west.

Soul: My goal was to write more, and I wrote daily in 2016; even wrote a daily blog post for four months. As it turns out, daily posting is not for me. I prefer longer-format. 2017 focus: get better at understanding people.

Home: The anti-library was initiated in 2016, and has been growing at a decent clip. Max, our beloved cat, died in her 21st year.  We were very, very sad and stayed home with her for the six weeks before she passed.  2017 focus: travel.

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