When I’m trying to lighten up my perspective about some task I’m working on, I give myself the mental coaching note of: “Think about it as if it were an art project.”

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been reflecting on what that means. It is a phrase that has a clear internal meaning to me- but I don’t know quite how to put it into words. It is like a magic talisman, the utterance of which defuses anxiety and adds levity to any task.

Art Projects

  • sometimes earn money
  • participants
  • often absurd
  • draw on wants
  • create problems
  • complicate
  • off-kilter
  • beautiful
  • framing: calling it art, or experiment
  • objectives: often unstated and indirect

Other Projects

  • sometimes earn money
  • customers
  • logical
  • draw on needs
  • solve problems
  • simplify
  • beautiful
  • practical
  • framing: business, project, experiment
  • objectives: usually clearly stated and explicit

And so, that brings me back to last week’s post, Specificity and Success. The objectives of an art project are often not explicit, but the success of any business, including art, is in the specificity and explicit nature of its products and objectives.

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Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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