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Hi and welcome to this first episode of a new series!

مرحبا و اهلا!

This piece is about Freedom of Thought and Autodidactism.

We tend to believe our thoughts and thinking patterns are freely created and arise from inner perception of the truth. Sometimes this is true. Often it is not.

This series is about going deeper into your own thought patterns and thinking habits, understanding their roots and structures, and learning how to reformulate default pathways into something more creative and beneficial- for you and for the world around you.

Of course, freedom of thought is closely related to autodidactism- self-directed learning outside of a traditional educational environment. Traditional education promotes conformity of thought- either conforming to peers or to teachers, depending on whether the institution has a teachers-first or customers-first model. Of course, all educational institutions will protest vociferously to the idea that they promote conformity, but their very structure contradicts this.

College or University can be a great social and cultural experience, but it generally makes sense only for a limited portion of one’s life. Autodidact learning strategies are available life-long.

Typically we categorize topics into two categories:  “must be learned in school” and “hobbies”. This is a false categorization, and we will discuss this in detail over the upcoming episodes. Of course many subjects do require teachers or collaborators! (Language is a perfect example of a topic that is unrealistic to learn alone…)

Autodidact learning strategies are the implementation of freedom of thought. These strategies might result in academic projects, art projects, social projects, businesses, or more. The key point is that they develop out of independent thinking and listening to the small still voice inside each one of us.

All projects in this world begin with learning- thus through this series we will discuss how it feels to go through this process.

Episode 1 is about learning to hear your inner voice. Part of this is often called “finding your passion” – and so the episode includes five personal research projects that you can use to explore your truer interests. Even if you already know what you care about, asking these questions of yourself can be elucidating.

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Book mentioned at 3:05  | The Artist’s Way

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Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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