We are staying in a beautiful mid-century modern styled, yet brand-new, hotel in Palm Springs (Arrive.) It’s lovely, and so comforting to be out of NYC.

While enjoying the furnishings, I repeated a question to Daniel that I’ve asked several times this year:

“What does actual modern interior style look like?”

“Like this. Modern is a period in time.”

“Ok. What does….contemporary style look like?” (I struggled to remember the word in English.)

We like mid-century modern. We live in a house with mostly mid-century modern furniture. And if you browse DWR, you will find lots of ‘new’ designs- of the past decade- that are indistinguishable from mid-century modern.

Daniel added, “When we were in art school, I always wondered to myself what ‘-ism’ are we living in? Because modernism happened in 1950, and post-modernism in 1970… And where I finally decided we were is in the era of “Capital Sculpting- Capital Sculpturism.”

See the prior couple of posts on the role of the art market today to understand the meaning.

Yet, if we take fashion as a counterpoint, most people can, with ease, identify the decade from within the past 120 years in which a garment was designed. (More so with women’s fashion than men’s, yet the point still holds.)

The aesthetic evolution in fashion is fast, because generally someone only buys one or two couches in a lifetime.

So what is contemporary furniture design?



The custom wallpaper at Arrive hotel. See the little eames chairs?2017-01-29-08-06-52

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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