Rothko and Pollock heralded the end of the visual art era that began in the Renaissance. It began in Italy and ended in New York, and lasted some five hundred years.

The art that has come since has been distinctly influenced by the existence of mass-market recording devices.

The era of pure visual art began with deeply narrative works, done in a realistic style. It ended with pure abstraction and pure absence of narrative.

The era of photography-as-art marks the beginning of art in the age of recording. Post 1950s, cameras, sound recording and video recording reached mass-market accessibility and changed fundamentally the way people make art.

Performance art (and I don’t mean theatre or dance by this phrase) exists because of the tools of recording. Temporal art, land art, etc- the same.

Why the sudden interest in these questions? I turned away from art-as-a-career a long time ago.

Probably because art and philosophy are related. In this age of science, when philosophy has seemingly lost its ability to ask why, and art no longer seeks for truth, beauty, and meaning- there’s an imbalance.

The realms of art and philosophy have not held their ground in the post post modern world.

Imagine a time when: art, science and philosophy balance each other as points on an equilateral triangle. Spirituality and economics make a mobius strip intertwined between them.

What does the triangle look like now?


In front of a large scale tapestry by Chuck Close, Surrey Hotel, NYC

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

4 replies on “The Era of Visual Art and Beyond

  1. Perhaps I do not change with the times very well. Perhaps the previously labelled (visual) ‘art’ upon my walls and standing in my home is now redundant. (Not a single poster or meme.) Perhaps my philosophy of ‘learn globally while acting locally’ is now passé.

    The ancient wisdom of philosophers also seems to be unknown to many, but not all, people. That is their loss.

    We all become extinct as individuals with the passage of time. Some may be reborn. Some are not.

    The article above is no doubt correct w.r.t art and philosophy. (Out with the old and in with the new.) So be it.

    1. hi John- thanks for writing- as you sense, I’m expressing a bit of sadness and frustration at the state of things. I believe deeply in the importance of ideas developing and shifting and changing, but also in the importance of seeking the good/beautiful/true. Thank you!

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