It is very normalized for artists to have a whole bunch of projects; projects which are viewed as semi-independent galaxies that exist and change with the times; develop; and inspire or become inspired.

The question Daniel has been going around asking our friends of late goes like this:

What topic are you a freshman in today that you want to be writing your dissertation in some few years down the line?

The idea here is that, regardless what your life is like now, selecting that little idea of inspiration and gradually making space for it- learning about it, cultivating it- allows it to grow to the point that it might become a dissertation some years down the line.


Thus, at Barnes and Noble this past weekend, picking some reading to get us through the impending red-eye, Daniel happened upon a book by the physicist Janna Levin.

“Look!  They have Black Hole Blues!” He said, picking it up and showing me the author photo.  He had shown me a video he watched about her work on a few weeks back.

Self-consciously noticing the tone of excitement in his voice, he adds: “It’s okay. She’s married.”

“Yeah, and so are you!” I say with glee.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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