No, you don’t have to believe in psychic ability to do this project. I’m assuming you do believe in your own subconscious.

This is a technique that I find particularly useful to get through blocks, and it feels quite powerful and somewhat strange.


To do this project:

Set aside an hour or two to be alone, with a notebook and pen. Don’t use a computer.

Start by asking three questions; whatever your most pressing problems of the day, month, year are.

Write them down.

Then, clear your head, take a deep breath, and look at yourself, from the inside, as if you were an outsider.

Write: General Reading, July 11th, 2017 (or whatever the date is) for ( your name), ( your age)

Now, begin writing what you see and sense. Write about and to yourself in the second person. Here’s what the beginning of my general reading was:

Intensity. Focus. For a long time there was a buildup of different skills and competencies, like pulling a spring back- and now the level of intensity is intensely (ha) increased- this is where the anger is coming from, fyi. The most important thing is to recognize that this intensity is like a rocket preparing to launch- it goes far- the question is how to manage the intensity without letting it become just anger- the intensity of truth that you feel- which causes this intense anger against those who don’t feel it – it’s an intensity that not everyone is ready for. You wouldn’t expect a child to lift a 3 gallon bottle of water, right? And it’s not fair to be angry with others that they don’t have truth perception yet, even though they might be older or the same age as you. This isn’t about age in this lifetime.

There’s a little bit of shame about not being able to express yourself clearly. Just slow down and persist.

When you connect to your own psychic energy, you feel flow, you feel good. Psychic perception is related to creativity. It’s important to preserve boundaries, however, take time to read yourself and others respectfully and with boundaries, don’t just let it all flow in without being in a place to perceive and receive it correctly. Practice experiencing only the outer reality of what is being said/ done/ experienced by a group of people.This will help you separate intuitive perception from 5-sensory perception, the same way you can separate sight from sound. It will help you be more tolerant.

If this intensity is not properly channeled, it has a tendency to leak out in anger, dwelling on negative things, etc. Do not dwell. You have discipline. Every time you feel a flame of anger you need to actively turn that back into intensity that creates another sort of propulsion- into what? into what?

Intensity can be directed towards-

  • external success
  • awareness and level of consciousness
  • efficiency in work
  • transformation

Over the next week, meditate on those 4 options and determine how each one fits into your own path. Then use the intensity to support, grow, and propel towards it.


Now, go on and answer the three questions you wrote. If your subconscious gives you homework (like, meditate on these 4 options) then be sure to do it.

The format for this reading is from an actual psychic, from whom I got a few readings many years ago.  There is something about talking to yourself in the second person that is very effective; it’s not just for crazy people. Try it. 😊


Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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